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Since 1987, the Virginia Literacy Foundation (VLF) has funded an average of 25-30 community-based and faith-based adult literacy programs each year with grants ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. Programs that have been steadily funded by the VLF collectively serve over 10,000 adults annually, using approximately 5,000 volunteers. In mid-January, the VLF announces the availability of its matching grants, which adult literacy organizations are encouraged to use to strengthen their organizations, enhance their capacity to serve adult students, or improve their partnerships and collaborations within their communities. Funds may be used for salaries, for example, as long as the grantís outcomes and impacts are tied to adult learning. Details about our funding priorities sit in our sidebar.

Organizations that are eligible for VLF grants must be located in Virginia and work with nonprofit staff, volunteers, and an active Board of Directors. After grant announcements are made, instructions and application forms are placed at and on the sidebar of this website. Our matching grants are offered in tiered categories that are tied to the number of adult literacy students a program serves.

Click here for a full printout about VLF grants or click on the categories in the sidebar.

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